Our youth triathlon team is an official USA Triathlon Team open to all kids 7 to 17 years old who want to have fun with friends learning triathlon skills and challenge themselves to be more competitive at their youth triathlons!  Our team athletes have had great results at their races and YOU can too!

Coached youth specific swim, bike, run, transitions, and multisport workouts are offered 1 day per week.

The kids on our team are self-motivated, have a great attitude, and are great role models for youth multisportsmanship! They enjoy doing triathlon workouts with friends, have fun racing each other at our workouts, and are performing very well at their youth races.  

Our fun, yet challenging coached multisport workouts, are focused on progressing your child's fitness, endurance, and performance.  Commitment to consistent weekly practices is essential for building your child's endurance and fitness.  Our practices include bike-runs, swim-runs, track workouts, open water swim workouts, other fun multisport workouts, and transition skills.  Each child trains at their own pace and ability specific distance, with the support of coaches, family, and friends, to encourage their progress.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to swim, ride, or run with us, or help on the training courses for safety!

We will be training all year round to consistently continue to build and progress your child's endurance and multisport skills.  From November through April, we will have coached swim, bike, run, transition, strength, and multisport skill and endurance practices on Sunday afternoon in various San Diego locations. Then, from May through October, we will have a bike-run, swim-run, or triathlon (swim-bike-run) multisport workouts on Sunday morning.  When the water warms up, we have Sunday open water swim workouts, aquathlons (swim-runs), or triathlon (swim-bike-run) practices.  We recommend a springsuit or wetsuit for spring and fall.

Nytro Multisports in Encinitas is our Team Sponsor with special race packets, and in store discounts, and special order kids bike discounts!!

Our team benefits include:  USA Triathlon Certified Coaching, special team tri kit, special kids triathlon clinics and discounts, team sponsor discounts, team kids race discounts, USA Triathlon member discounts.

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